#Winning One Cup At a Time

September 24, 2019: 977 days ago, Donald J. Trump stood in front of our nation's Capitol, and with his hand on the Bible, officially pledged to the American people that his campaigning promises were not just marketing slogans: we could and would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (™).

Today, his campaign for the fast-approaching 2020 election year promises that together, we will continue to rebuild our nation. And boy, I believe him!

In these past few short years, President Trump has accomplished so much -- more than many so many who were privileged to sit in the same seat in the Oval Office before him. (See our collection of just SOME of what he's accomplished in those 977 days below!)

Yet the haters continue to scream in rage, verbally and physically assaulting MAGA-hat wearing patriots, pleading for violent acts to be committed against the President and his supporters. We've all seen the videos of people getting kicked off planes, enduring harassment in restaurants, and being called names all over Big Tech's Liberal-leaning platforms. 

Our country is heading for the fight of it's life against the socialist Democrats trying their darnedest to take our country down their toilet, whose demand for control is bordering on the Communism our parents and grandparents fought off with their lifeblood. 

We must never give up, for our children and our grandchildren depend on us. The future of our country hangs in the balance: will we continue to be the "shining city on a hill"? (Reagan

Yes! We believe so. We believe that the heartbeat of America –– those of us who battle the liberal demagogues and stand against Communist and Socialist infiltration –– we drank a strong cup of coffee this morning and we are fueled up to continue what our forefathers started.

That's why Thrasher Coffee is proud to present a special one-time offer, valid only for the next forty-five minutes! Our small-batch craft coffee is being roasted fresh, and bagged in our special artistic  representation of our admiration and appreciation for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Our #45 blend is available for only $10 for a limited time only! All you have to do is act now! Enter coupon code WINNING#2020 during checkout and get your 12 oz. bag of Whole Bean #45 blend for just $10!

So stand up for the anthem, and proudly salute your flag, and say In God We Trust, because the Conservative revolution is at hand and together we are going to Keep America Great.


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