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Meet Thrasher

Seth was the mastermind behind the rich flavor profiles of all of our carefully curated coffees. For over 5 years, he put his love and passion into providing the highest quality coffee for you to enjoy.

His love for coffee exploded when he had a chance to sample some Ethiopian coffee and it was genuinely like no coffee he had ever had before. It was rich, full bodied, and had a flavor profile that really got him excited. After this point, he had been buying, tasting, and roasting coffees from all over the world, to really learn more about each type of bean. Here at Thrasher Coffee, he then meticulously picked high quality and responsibly sourced beans from all around the world to bring you all some unbelievably delicious blends. Each coffee is then roasted to spec, which brings out each and every element of the beans.

Seth’s goal was always to provide mouth-watering, fresh roasted coffee, right to your doorstep, and that’s exactly what he has enabled us to keep doing. We want you to receive the best smelling mail you’ve ever gotten, and we know that once you try our coffee, you’ll never go be able to go back to what you were drinking before.

Thrasher Grows Up

Today, Seth's carefully developed roast profiles are now programed into a beautiful room-sized roaster. Seth moved on to other opportunities, and we've opened a conservative coffee shop in downtown Hiram, Georgia.

Making sure you're getting small business operations with big business production is our mission. We thank you for your support!

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