Thrasher Coffee Tour: Roasting Pioneer

Are you ready to see inside our roaster and learn about our Bolivian coffee Pioneer?

I just love seeing how much fun people have touring our roaster, so if you're every in Dallas, GA be sure to stop by for a full official tour and tasting.

So we just wanted to say—thank you! Thank you for your interest in Thrasher Coffee. Thank you for your interest in the behind the scenes aspect of our company. And thank you for spending your precious time listening to me talk about our coffee.

Is this your first coffee tour with Seth?

If you’re newer to our community, this video is a great entry to our coffees and our in house roaster.  

We have a bunch of other articles on our blog that you can read if you wanted to know more about where we get our coffee or different methods of brewing. 

You can see more blog posts by clicking here.


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